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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Musical Eggs!

The rabbit has been in my craft room, again!
I'm very pleased that Miss Phoebe has an interest in music and has started violin lessons at school. I decided to encourage her interest by decoupaging some Easter Eggs with sheet music. I printed some music to use, so Easter Parade became the star! This is the first time I've decoupaged eggs ... hmmm. 
Will it be my last?

I printed an extra sheet to frame so we can create a vignette in our Easter decorating. I placed a cutout vintage card on top of the music. I found the card online. Each of the eggs is embellished with a gemstone ... all eggs need bling ... and a little vintage ribbon.

I did the eggs two ways. I cut the full piece to wrap around using this technique.
I covered a couple eggs with small pieces of music in a crazy quilt technique. I have to say both worked pretty well and I'm content with my first effort's results!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vintage Lace & Ribbons

I recently found a big box of vintage lace and ribbons at my favorite collectible shop. It came from a florist that had closed down years ago in a neighboring town, so I decided it was at least 25 years old! Just from the style, it seemed that way. Miss Phoebe and I do lots of crafting, so I knew we would use it. My first project was to embellish some glitter Easter Eggs. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Here's a couple collages ... showing the ribbon and the flowers.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mini Scrapbook for Grandma Sister!

My sister and I love our jobs as Grandmother!  She lives in Arizona and I live in Southern Illinois, but we stay in almost daily contact with lots of grand daughter stories! When I started making mini scrapbooks, she said she wanted one ... so it was a natural to make one for her about being a grandma! I just visited her son's Facebook page and grabbed several pictures of Kelly ...

The cover of the book and several inside pages are made with the Karen Foster "Grandparents" design kit. I used lots of ribbon and faux rhinestones to dress up the patterns!

I used some other themed pages because it was so easy to do with the pictures I had! Kelly's purple dress was trimmed in flowers and butterflies ... and the teacup Disney ride picture was a perfect match! I shop the dollar store regularly for packages of stickers and embellishments for scrapbooking. I just keep them until I find a use for them! Miss Phoebe loves our dollar store ... and now we are getting a second one in our town!

The scrapbook pages are cut with the Cricut Elegant Edges die. I love those patterns because there are plenty of edges, corners and other elements to add to the pages. In the picture on the right page, Kelly has made a life size picture of herself holding a cluster of balloons, so I created a layered cluster of balloons on the page!

The following pages represent holidays! I enjoy putting pockets on my pages and inserting stamped tags ... 

Rhinestones make the butterfly much more beautiful!

My nephew plays in an Irish band! Kelly loves to tag along. 

Here's the back cover!  I'll be sharing with a few of the parties listed in my sidebar. Make sure you click through to have a little fun!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Daddy's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is my daddy's birthday. He is celebrating his 96th birthday in Heaven ... probably having coconut cream pie, pineapple upside down cake and lemon meringue pie ... with my mother. I'm sure all the other family members are there with him ... because he is loved.

Here he is just a couple weeks before he left us ... We were decorating graves for Mother's Day ... and I met him at the cemetery with this new puppy ... for him. He immediately named him "Coalie" ... because he had a black dog as a child that he had called Coalie ... black as coal! Daddy didn't get to keep the puppy and my husband insisted that it come to our house. In keeping with family tradition, he immediately changed his name ... naming him after my father, Jim. This is Jimmy Mutt, aka MeMutt!

My dad was one of those guys who knew everything his children did ... He would often greet us with a question about why we had done something ... and we just couldn't figure out how he knew our secrets!

My dad taught me many things ... things I should NOT DO ... and things that I should do ... I've created a list!

Daddy taught me that ...

God carved everything in stone at the beginning of time
God answers prayers when he is ready
Everything happens for a reason
Family is important
Nature nurtures
Charity isn’t noisy
Good husbands want their wives nearby
 Every day is a holiday
Good cooking is important
Meals around the table solve all kinds of problems

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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